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Spain train tours: Travel Spain by rail

If you want to visit Spain, but think that a motorcoach is not for you, there is also the opptorunity to travel Spain by rail.


Nothing compares to the scenic wonders that unfold before you as the train winds its way through changing landscapes.  Some Spain train tours still provide you with the benefits of a guide.  Others you travel independently, a great way to see the sights and highlights you want to see at your own pace and in your own way, but do you want to be completely on your own if you don't speak Spanish?  We can offer you a host that can offer guidance on restaurants, shopping and sightseeing during your free time.


We take care of the important details, so you have the Spain vacation of your dreams.  Hotels are carefully selected, transportation is provided to and from the airport, you get breakfast daily, some sightseeing and there is a local host to assist you with any questions.

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